Over 150 years of history

In the heart of Mutley, saved by the people.

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As the The Hyde Park begins a new phase in its life, we are able to look back at its long history of over 150 years. The pub has hosted the gallant servicemen post wars, it was filled with cheer and glee during the 1966 world cup, and has sheltered the local Mutley populous for more than a century.

The significance of The Hyde Park was no more evident than in 2012 when the people of Plymouth stood firm as the pub closed and was going to be converted into an estate agents. A campaign headed by former regulars and landlord saw it listed a community asset under the Localism Act.

This is why we felt it was important to emphasise the History of this long standing building. We have classic and retro ales available, such as the working man's ales Double Diamond and Red Barrel. We stock wines that have been popular through the decades together with a contemporary selection chosen carefully to suit everyone's taste.

Quality Food

At The Hyde Park we source our food as locally as possible. Our Devonshire Pies are hand made in the county and our quality sausages are made and supplied by local family butchers. Try our Farmer's Breakfast that includes sausage, black pudding, and hogs pudding to taste real local quality.

Donít miss out on our excellent roasts on Sunday between 12pm Ė 6pm. Our quality food will seduce all taste buds. We have many classics and food to suit any time of day;

If you still have space in that tummy of yours we have a selection of retro desserts to fill that hole. Try a classic sundae or if you are in more of a gluttonous mood, enjoy our sticky toffee pudding!

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For the first time, Mutley has its own ale, brewed in the cellar of Hyde Park. Months of preparation and dedication have gone into producing a fine Ale which has become the flagship of The Hyde Park Microbrewery: Made in Mutley.

Made in Mutley has a smokey copper appearance with an off-white head. An initial nose of caramel, it has a hoppy beginning followed by a malty, toffee flavour with caramel undertones. It has been a success with the locals since the first pint!

We are constantly brewing a variety of ales, so make sure you take notice of our black board to see what is ready for tasting.

Fine Wines

Our selection of fine wines have been chosen to not only complement our food but also to make sure that everyones taste is satisfied.


Specially selected by our local supplier, our wines will tantalise your tastebuds and you can be assured that they are of the finest quality, that you will be very hard pushed to find in any retail outlet.

You will be delighted by our staff and their ability to guide you through the wine experience, from our deep fruity reds to our scrumptiously crisp roses.

Pop the cork on your taste bud's experience at The Hyde Park Pub.

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